Monday, August 20, 2012

No Plans

Here's the most recent iteration of the answer to that persistent question, "What is Thomas doing next?" As I hope most of you know by now, I've decided to quit my job in Anchorage and move out of Alaska. Sometime around August 28th I'm going to begin a road trip through Alaska and part of Western Canada with my friend Martyna. She has to catch a flight in Vancouver, BC on September 16th, so we will make it at least that far by then. 

After we reach Vancouver, I don't have any real plans (and I kind of like it that way). I think I would enjoy finding somewhere to call "home" for two or three months while I hunt for a perfect job (suggestions welcome) and digest all of the experiences I've had during of my far-too-rapid trip around the globe, but I don't know where that will be. The idea of living and working somewhere in the Northwest (Vancouver, Kelowna, Bellingham, Portland, Seattle, Bend, Bozeman, .... suggestions?) really appeals to me in many ways, but with the world at my fingertips, who knows where I will be a few months time?

TLDR: Quit job; moving toward Seattle; no real plans; lots of options. 

Alaska is making it hard to say good bye.

Fun fact: I've been moving my belongings around in those same red plastic milk crates at least since 2004 when I left Missouri for Colorado. They are front and center in the image below. 

This image is from 2004 when I was moving out of Missouri to begin university in Colorado. I still use the same red plastic milk crates to haul my stuff around. And that pillow case is still in use as well; thanks Grandma!


  1. What can I say, good luck and keep me updated :)

  2. Sounds exciting! Great photos.. looks like you're standing on the edge of the WORLD!!! Great to hear you're going ahead and JUMPING!!!

  3. Come to Toronto and Niagara between the 13th and 22nd of September :P!

  4. I hear that Victoria, BC is a beautiful place & the people are warm and kind.
    I would skip Bend, Oregon - it gets mixed reviews. I hear it has great scenery, not so great economy.
    Kirkland, Washington has a nice "town" feel without being in the city of Seattle.
    Boulder, Colorado is nice college town, but hear that the employment rate is pretty low right now.
    Lake Tahoe, Nevada or Califonia the mountains, around endless trails, skiing, and the lake - could be a competitor. Work in Nevada and avoid the killer income tax of California.
    Las Vegas, Nevada - hear me out....hydroelectic plant, alternative energy, casino/resort energy engineer. some employment options (you could be a dealer by night, a hiker/explorer by day till you find "the" job)
    Personally, I'd pick Sedona, Arizona. But the first snake would have me on a plane back to Alaska.

    You will always be my baby engineer & I will miss you dearly here in Alaska. Know that you always have "family" here if you change your mind. Maybe that is the easy part of leaving, knowing you have friends that wish you well and will catch you if you need a place to land. I wish you only the very best as you move into your next "ages and stages" of life. I hope you find your passion. ~ doing what you love and having a happy heart.
    Keep us updated.
    ~ Karey Jessee

  5. You leave Alaska far too early. >:-O
    Anyway, I wish you good luck!

  6. :) Aww, thomas, we are all gonna miss you! Cheers, Amy