Thursday, February 7, 2013


As you all know, I spent the year between Nov 2011 and Nov 2012 travelling all over the world, visiting friends and family along the way and having all sorts of different adventures. One of my goals on this trip was to keep the number of flights I took to a minimum. As a result, I racked up a lot of days and distance on trains and buses; including the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Canadian routes. 

On February 7th I gave a  presentation about the trip for the Outdoor Recreation Center at the Colorado School of Mines. An hour and twenty minutes wasn't nearly enough time to say everything I wanted to say, but it was really great to finally get the whole story out in one continuous burst. Here's the recording:

I apologize for the audio quality - the laptop with the microphone was sitting on a table at the side of the screen, so as I move about and face the audience my voice comes and goes.

I hope it goes without saying that there are numerous errors and omissions in this presentation. I didn't spend much time rehearsing it, and I was tailoring my story to the audience of students and friends present at the time. Please forgive me if I misrembered, misrepresented, or completely left out something of importance to you. 

A PDF copy of the presentation (at the bottom) and copies of the videos I shared can be found here:

A big thanks to everyone who came to watch, and an even bigger thanks to all of the people during the course of my travels who helped in anyway they could and made it such a memorable year!

Here are the links I mention toward the end:

Stay tuned. I still plan to continue blog-stories from where I left off in Poland on through to my arrival in Colorado. Putting together this presentation was good motivation, so expect more posts in the near-ish future. 


  1. The graphs are great! Where else did you spent your nights on the floor?

  2. Thanks Ray. I slept on the floor at several of my friends houses. Sometimes on my camping mattress and sometimes on big inflatable ones they had. Floors aren't bad; I don't mind :)

    Bed nights by type:
    bed ............257
    Bus – bed ........1
    Bus – seat .......3
    car ..............5
    couch ...........26
    floor ...........27
    Plane – seat .....1
    tent ............29
    Train – bed .....14
    Train – seat .....3